A Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The birth of Jesus was a major mile marker in God’s plan of the ages. That plan was the reestablishing of His kingdom on earth.

From the dawn of our biblical records the prophets continued to lay out the steps that God would take to orchestrate His perfect plan in the earth. That plan is that He would have sons and daughters submitted to His will, obedient to His law, and living with His love.

This new creation of sons and daughters would live in the reality of the first commands that were spoken into the spirits and nature of Adam and Eve. They were to have complete authority over all the earth. They were to be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it, with all its vast resources, and have dominion over every living creature.

The coming of Jesus to this earth as a babe in the manger was the capstone of these prophecies. Christmas celebrates that birth, which set the clock of history and began the eternal Kingdom of God that will never be overcome, die or fade away.

The coming of Jesus, at this Christmas season, is Daniel’s stone that struck and destroyed the image, became a great mountain that fills the whole earth.

Christmas celebrates and spotlights the Word of God that was made flesh, dwelling among men and women and bringing heaven to earth.

Christmas is a story of the Father’s love. A story of an unending forgiveness. A picture of total commitment and sacrifice for a rebellious family that He was calling back to Himself.

And in the end, Christmas is the signal for the end.

The end of sin and the bondage that it brings.

The end of separation from God the Father, His love, His presence and His blessings.

And finally the end of death and all that it produces.

A new day dawned on that first Christmas morning and the reverberation of its message, the same message that the shepherds heard, continues to impact generation after generation. Christmas continues to speak of His glory and still brings good news of great joy.

The celebration of Christmas continues to shout with a loud voice and declared that “there is born unto you this day a Savior who is Christ the Lord.”

Arlis and I, and all the partners of Faith Producers Ministries wish you a very Merry Christmas and a supernatural New Year.

Blessings to you all,

Dr. George Watkins




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