Living on the Edge of Eternity

Have you ever wondered what the name of your tomorrows would be called?

Tomorrow we go to town.

Tomorrow we build a house.

Tomorrow we make some money.

But to many who are alive today, tomorrow is called eternity. They are one day away from stepping through the veil of death into God‘s world where time is no more.

I got a phone call this week informing me that another one of my former church members had stepped through that veil. He was only 60 years old. I remember when he and his young family came into the church. They all were full of life, full of dreams and promise. Thats been some years now. And in the years that have come and gone they had their share of life’s sorrows and its joys. A whole bunch of tomorrows came and went, then suddenly eternity showed up.

It always seems to come earlier than we expect. When we are younger the glass of life is filled to the brim, seemingly running over. Many of us make decisions that effect the rest of our life without any thought of eternity. Many of the writers of the Testaments, including Solomon , David ,Jesus and Paul warned us to prepare for that inevitable day when we all will face eternity.

The big question of course  is, “what happens next”?

According to scriptural accounts, it’s then that, we meet God , the great judge of all mankind.

James tells us in 4:13 to not boost of what we plan to accomplish tomorrow. Because we have no idea what tomorrow may bring us. Instead we ought to say “if the Lord is willing” we will do this or that.

With that in mind ,where does Abraham’s  faith come into play when it comes to forming our tomorrows? He spoke of things that were not as thou they were. Did he shape his tomorrows by his words, by what he said. If we are children of Abraham because of our faith in Jesus Christ, can we do the same? Can we shape our tomorrows by our speech, by the words that we say?

Matthew tells us that “death and life ore in the power of the tongue”.

James tells us that the tongue is like the bridle of bit in the horses mouth. Even thou it is a small thing it will turn a large horse  in any direction that you desire.

In addition to that , the scriptures tell us that we will also be judge for every idle or nonproductive word that we speak.

Wow, nonproductive words. The day is full of them. Most of us who have been christians and church people for a while have pretty well got rid of the curse words and words filled with anger. But to often we are left with empty words with no life or faith in them. Empty idle words. Faithless words.

The Spirit of the Lord whispered to me recently  that “the days ahead are like children in the womb. Yet to be born and yet to be named. They will become what you name them.”

So I ask again, what are your tomorrows called. Call them full of victory, filled with faith and hope. Name them your friends, named them blessed and watch how God will bring to pass exactly what you say.

Eternity is just around the corner for many of us. But while we have today let us embrace each new day as child born with all of heavens possibilities connected to it.

Blessings to you all,

George Watkins


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