Easter Blessings from George and Arlis Watkins,  2012



Friends and partners,


We are missing Easter Sunrise Service on Little Mt again. After meeting for nearly 30 years, with a group from the church to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord, on top of one of our local hill top parks. I still find it difficult to experience the full measure of Easter Sunday without beginning it as the sun broke over the hill, cuddled in our coats, worshiping the Lord together.


Things have changed some for us since we have said goodbye to the church family in Mt Vernon and accepted a broader challenge to minister to the church at large. I miss the local church body where we raised family and the families of so many others, especially around these special days that we celebrated together.


But the Kingdom of God goes on and we continue to build on our experiences and the revelations of Christ and His Gospel that He has given us. Because as wonderful and productive as our former days may have been. In the world of the Kingdom, “resurrection to greater things” is always a possibility to those who embrace the message of His cross.


You see, true resurrection is not possible without death because Christ’s death on the cross is as much of a part of Easter as the open tomb itself. For the message of Easter has always been, “ Christ died for my sins and was raised up, by the power of God, for my justification.


I know that we have heard this message so many time before but we need to hear it again and again until the power of its message permeates every part of our being. Remember the power of this message that we hold so dear. OUR SINS ARE FORGIVEN!!! Because of His death on the cross the power of sin, which is death, has been done away with.


Because of Easter sin no longer has any power over us. No guilt. No condemnation. No fear of punishment. No fear of eternity.


Because of Easter we have also been JUSTIFIDED, brought into right standing with the Father. Someone said it this way.

To be justified by God is “just-as-I-had-never-sinned”. I think that’s a wonderful thing to remember and believe.


We greet you and bless you at this Easter time and are believing this to be your great year for you family and His Kingdom work.

Thank you for your prayers and support as we continue to press the battle to the gate.



He is Risen Indeed,

George and Arlis








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