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    Non Refundable

I was so angry, I could have punched “somebody’s lights” out, and that’s exactly what I was planning to do, as I turned my car into the gravel parking lot of the mobile home sales office.


Now I  want you to know something about me, before I go on with my story, that I’m not usually the kind of guy who goes around looking for someone to beat up.


I generally have a very long fuse when it comes to doing or saying something on the magnitude that I had in my mind to do at this moment.


If you understand this, then you will appreciate, more fully, just exactly what it took to bring this “mild mannered” guy to a place where he had blood in his eyes and fully intending to do bodily harm.


Actually, the whole problem, that I was about ready to deal with, started long before this day.

It started with a fellow that just couldn’t keep his mouth shut; he talked about everybody.  We all knew him to be the town gossip, and none of us guys cared for him much because of it.


Well, I could tolerate him as long as he stayed clear of me and my family.  But then he made the fatal mistake of starting a gossip campaign about my sister–and that was the final straw.


The door on my Plymouth shut with a bang as I was already making my way toward the mobile home sales office where this “no good, low life” worked!


Then, without waiting for the receptionist to announce me, I pushed past her entering his office.  I shut the door behind me.


Dead silence!


For what seemed like an eternity, as if in suspended animation, neither one of us spoke.  I must have revealed my intentions by the look on my face, or he had heard I was coming, because I knew by the look on his face he knew why I was there!


Suddenly, I came alive and moved quickly across the room to where he sat frozen behind his desk.


“I hear you’ve been talking about my sister,” I said through clenched teeth, as I reached over the desk, grabbing him by his scrawny lapels, pulling him toward me.

All time seemed to be suspended; we were in slow motion, as the  crazy scene continued to unfold.


I was on a pretty good roll by this time and my anger had a head of steam behind it, so I pressed on.


“I want you to take back what you have been saying about my sister,” I shouted in his face, as I shoved him back up against the thin wall of the mobile office.  The whole building seemed to shake.


Then I drew my fist back to do what I had come to do, but somehow at the last second, I drove it into the wall, just barely missing his head!


However, that might have done the trick, because he started trembling and confessing his error in spreading those lies about my sister.  Taking it all back,  he promised he would never do it again.


Feeling satisfied that I had accomplished my mission, I made a speedy retreat , spinning gravel as I left the parking lot–not realizing then what I know now–that nothing had actually been accomplished except making a big fool of myself.


You see, the words that were spoken, in this case a curse, had already gone out to do the job they were sent to do.  What I DIDN’T know was that he couldn’t call them back.  It was as if an arrow had been shot from a bow and was on the way to its target.


When I think of this experience, I am reminded of the false prophet Balaam in Num. 23.


It seems that the king of Moab had hired him to speak a curse against the children of Israel.


However, the several times that Balaam attempted to pronounce this curse against them, God would stop him.


            Finally, after running into a strong rebuke from God, he told the king:

       “Behold, I have received commandment to bless; God has blessed and I cannot reverse it.”  (Num. 23:20)

            Think of it.  God’s Word of blessing to you and I and His will for our lives, is like the arrow that is launched from the bow; it cannot be reversed by man, and God won’t take it back.

            Think of this the next time a doubt begins to overcome you concerning one of God’s promises to you.

            He will not take it back; there is no refund policy on the blessings that He speaks.

            Look what Paul uses as his defense of God’s guaranteed promises in Rom.. 8:31:   Who can stand against us, Paul declares, if God is for us?

            The obvious answer of course is,  “no one can”.

Then he goes on to illustrate his point by stating that, neither death, nor life, nor angels nor principalities, nor things present or things to come, shall be able to separate us from the love of God.


God’s purpose then, for sending His blessing to us, is to express His great love for us.   Neither His love nor His promises and blessing will ever be taken back.


Agape love, the kind of love that God has for us, is a “one way kind of love”, given without an expected return, and continued in spite of our sluggish or negative response.


You might be glad to know that I am not busting heads anymore, however, I DID learn out of that whole experience, that words are either a blessing to someone, or a curse, and either way, once they are released from my mouth–like the arrow, only God in His mercy can retrieve them.


Put a watch on your mouth dear ones; only allow blessing to be spoken.


Pastor Watkins

Storm Trooper Inc.

























































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