Walking By Faith is Always More Fun

The engine in my 396 cu in 4 speed Chevy Impala sputtered then started again. I took a quick look at my gas gauge and my heart sunk. I had forgotten to get gas at the last town and the middle of Nebraska is no place to run out. It can become long and lonely when the sun sets.

My faithful Chevy shuddered again. This time the roar of the engine stayed silent. I wheeled my car and trailer to the side of the road and sat listening to the Nebraska wind blow against the car, before anyone spoke.

When something unexpected happens on life’s journey we usually go through several levels of emotions before we actually get to what is really happening.

The first wave of emotions is usually that of guilt for finding yourself in such a foolish position. Most often, the next level is accusation, blaming someone else beside yourself for the mess that you are in. When the pain of that is over, especially if you tried it on your spouse, some are foolish enough to move to a higher level, and blame God.

I’m not admitting what my response was that night long ago. But I do remember that at some point we agreed that God still had His hand upon us and there was a plan unfolding that we didn’t see coming.

We took hands and agreed together in prayer that there was a way through this momentary problem and that His plan was better that ours. We rejoiced for the privilege of walking by faith.

As we finished prayer, the crunch of gravel behind us caught our attention. It was a young couple that pulled off to see if we needed help. As it turned out they were the pastors of the Nazarene Church in the next town down the road.

They took us for gas and gave us ten bucks. Ten dollars in that day was three tanks full of gas, enough to get us to our next meeting.

We encouraged them in their ministry and prayed together before we parted. I’ve often wondered what the full picture was from God’s view. Because, it seems things that happen to us in the walk of faith always work on everyone that is involved.

Our faith was exercised and we were encouraged with the faithfulness of our Father. This story has been told many times to multiple groups of people who by the hearing of our faith walk, their faith was strengthen also.

On the other hand the young Nazarene pastor and his wife had an opportunity to grow in their faith walk and sensitivity toward hearing the voice of the Lord. They gave a sacrificial gift into our ministry and I know were blessed in the doing.

It’s always a win-win when God puts these little momentary problems together and throws them in the middle of our faith walk. Remember that James tells us in the first chapter second verse “ to count it all joy when we have these various trials”.

So I conclude that “WALKING BY FAITH IS MORE FUN”!

Laugh it up it’s good for the soul,

Dr. George Watkins

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