Easter Greetings 2010

What a wonderful season of the year this is. What a powerful opportunity that we have to share with a hungry world around us of the resurrection power of Jesus Christ and His eternal Kingdom.

The resurrection of Jesus from the dead sets the stage for the gospel to be preached. The resurrection also begun a series of events that Jesus did for us so that we could become new creatures in this new covenant that He sealed with His blood on the cross.

So many in this society around us believe in the Jesus of “The Season”(Christmas and Easter). They have been caught in a revolving door that celebrates seasons and events rather than entering into the power and life of the Kingdom of God.

One of the main reasons that the scriptures give us the commands to remember and repeat some of the events that Christ gave us is because it brings us back to “center” again.

Jesus said that we were to repeat the communion ceremony, because in doing so we would “remember the Lords death until He comes”. We are also to attend regular and repeated gathering of believers. In doing so we would be reminded of His promises to us. We would have our faith renewed and the danger of deception would be minimized because of the teaching of the elders.

So it is Easter time again. And to those who believe in the Christ of the resurrection, it is more than a holiday. To us it has become a season of remembering. A time to retell and rehearse the power, the purpose and the message of this history-changing event.

Because of this resurrection event by Jesus Christ that we refer to as Easter. We are able to be called “Sons of God”, “joint heirs” with Jesus Christ and eternally gaffed into God’s family. Never to be forgotten, rejected or removed.

It’s Easter, this we do in remembrance of what He has done for us. What He has done to us. And what He is doing through us.

Let your life of resurrection begin today. Let Jesus rise again in your world, so that those around you will behold His power, His beauty and His glory.

I’ve attached an Easter message video. Pass it on to someone who needs to hear the story of God’s love again.

Blessings to you all,

George Watkins

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