Thailand, Land of many faces

I just returned from the far off country of Thailand. It borders Burma and Vietnam. We used Thailand during the Vietnam war for some of our air bases and R and R for our boys. It looks enough like Vietnam to be spooky when flying over the jungle. We were in a town by the name of Mie Song Son , where Mel Gibson made the movie, Air America.The food was good and plentiful and the people very friendly. We had comfortable accommodations and safe and convenient travel. We also took time to see some of the sights and to experience some of the culture.

However, the main purpose for this trip was to make contacts with those that would open up the nation for the Kingdom. I believe that is what happen. Remember that the Holy Spirit said that we would touch

“the women at the well”, someone that would have influence over groups of people. That we did.

Rev Simon who is president of the bible school in the border camps and pastors 7 churches.

The man who has authority over all 7 camps.

The women who is responsible for 10,000 students.

The list goes on of the people that  God brought across our path that are having an impact on their nation.

More reports to come later. Thanks for your prayers and support.

Blessings, George Watkins

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