Building the Kingdom in Colombia

                                      Building the Kingdom in Colombia



This week I’m off to Bogota, Colombia. My daughter, Tiffany, is going along to support me. It’s been almost 9 years since we have been to the nations together, 12 years since Colombia. It is exciting to be out on the mission field together again.


We met in Los Angelus Saturday and flew all day Sunday, arriving late in the evening after passing through Miami. Apostle’s Ramon Babalonia and John Jairo Cano along with a group of servants from the church met us. After greetings we made out way to a house for a late chicken supper (God bless the chicken).


Monday was a day of rest with a trip to the mall to pick up forgotten items and a nice lunch. This was St Peter’s Day, one of 20 holidays that Colombia celebrates. The streets were deserted, but the malls were packed with shoppers. The highlight of the day was meeting several new pastors from around the nations. There are so many wonderful men and women of God pushing out the boundaries of the Kingdom, everywhere that we go.


This is Tuesday, we start tonight, and I’m already feeling the Spirit of God stir my spirit in what He wants to do in this convention this week. Thanks for your prayers and support to make it possible for us to be here.


I’ll try to keep you up on what is happening this week. Stay tuned.


Blessing to you all,

George Watkins

Apostle to the nations.

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