Good morning, my name is Pete, and this is my brother, Re-Pete.  We are here to introduce you to a new and better way of living.  It has been our experience, as we have traveled from place to place, that many like yourself need direction and encouragement to say the right thing at the right time.

How many of you would agree with us that some things are just not proper to say in certain circumstances?  Take for instance the word “Oops!” which is perfectly acceptable unless it’s coming from my doctor while he’s working on me.

The words “I lost all of your money” is not nearly as impacting coming from your daughter who just borrowed twenty dollars, as it would be coming from your stockbroker.

“Does anybody know where we are?” is only slightly annoying when your five year old in the back seat asks it for the tenth time.  But let the captain of the airliner stop by your seat and speak those same words, and you start working on a heart attack.

“I was only kidding” works great on your sister after you told her there was a snake in her bed, but not so hot after you told the guard at the airport that you had a bomb in your suitcase.

On the artillery range, the word “fire” is certainly the appropriate word to use.  However, in a crowded theater, unless you see smoke, I wouldn’t advise using it.

So, words do have importance and impact especially at the right place and the right time.

Look at the power of the simple phrase “I love you”.  It was those few words that started my wonderful life together with my darling wife, Arlis.  From those words, sprang our three precious children, and the continued and generous use of those words have made our home a wonderful place to live.  However, as effective as they are at home, I would strongly suggest that you don’t whisper them to the stranger next to you in the elevator.

Someone told me once that their wife reminded them of Teddy Roosevelt.  “Good grief,” I said, “she must be one homely woman.”

“No, no,” he laughed,  “She’s like Teddy Roosevelt when he ran up San Juan hill yelling, ‘Charge, charge!’.  My wife goes from mall to mall saying the same thing.”

Oh, by the way, it would be good for you to know that just because the Lord’s Prayer says, “Forgive us our debts” doesn’t mean that you don’t have to pay your Sear’s bill any more.

Because words are so important, the “Association of Better Living Through Better Speaking” has sent myself, and my brother, Re-Pete, to help you on your journey.

Repeat these words three times per day and you will find your life enriched, and your load much lighter:

The Lord is my only overseer and protection.  I shall not have the desire for anyone else.  He causes me to be settled and at home in the middle of prosperity.  He directs me toward places of peace.  He gives me courage and refreshing so that I love the person He has made me to be.

He makes clear the path that I must take to live right so I may  honor His name.

  1. For I know my loving Shepherd is with me and His correction and                   encouragement bring comfort and support to me.

I see Him giving me abundant supply even while those around me may resist and try to hinder.

He has refreshed my mind so that I’m able to prosper until those around me will be blessed.

Because of this I know without a doubt that whatever is good and loving will be mine wherever I go in life.  Because of this I will live permanently in my Lord’s Eternal Kingdom.

(Ps. 23, my paraphrase)

On the behalf of the “Association of Better Words for Better Living”, we leave these words with you.  Use them again and again until they become the fiber of what makes you strong.

Do this for seven days in the morning when you awake, at noon when you eat, and in the evening before you go to sleep.  When you have completed the seven days, you will notice that you have received strength deep down in an area of your spirit that you did not know existed.  You will become aware that what you say is what shapes and directs your destiny.

Next I want you to write to us and let us know what good things the Lord is doing for you now that you have rearranged your words.

Our address is:   Pete and Re-Pete

Post Office Box A O K

10 Righteousness Path


House of the Lord.

Now, say that again!

Apostle/Pastor Watkins

Echo Specialist

(In the continuing tradition that Jesus began, these are stories and parables that bring to life God’s truth and principles for daily living.  Some are from life experiences that God has taught me along the journey that I have had with Him.)

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