The Wonder of Spring

               I ran into a friend of mine today who is a business man in town. We were both at the local home improvement store. He was in his “grubbys” , in a hurry, with his wife in tow. She had a strange, yet pleasant grin on her face. “I saw a humming bird today”, he hollered had me across the store. ” It must be spring.” Then I realized why his wife had that silly grin on her face. Spring was here and she had “The Man” working on all of those projects that she had been talking about all winter. Change was finally coming.

Have you ever wondered why we have the change of seasons during the year? Four of them to be exact. We have a saying , here in the northwest , that if you don’t like the weather , wait a minute and it will change. I have been on several mission trips to the equator and the tropics. Every day seems to be the same. The sun comes up at 6 am and goes down at 6 pm. And it usually HOT.

Well, let this northwest boy try that at Christmas time . With ” I”m Dreaming of a White Christmas”  playing on the radio,and you have one confused mind. Why? Because when you live where the seasons change, you not only expect it to change. You know the importance of each season.

Spring is the time of resurrection. That thing that look like it was dead is suddenly sprouting new life. The dark cold winter is finally over. The ice has melted , there is hope again of warmer days. Actually, spring is a witness to God’s faithfulness. To His promise that as long as time remains, ” there would be seed time and harvest”. The things that are consistent, things that you can depend on in life, like gravity. They are not the laws of nature, they are the laws of God. His hand print is all over nature. Thats why Paul said that “we were without excuse” because ” even nature is a witness of God”.

Just think of the miracle and the wonder of spring.  The changes that come suddenly, the new life that sweeps back in. WOW! But of course we have been to the science class and have learned that the sun is tipping a little bit. But who’s tipping the sun? Who set it in motion , who made the plan? Those of “faith”, believe that God did.

What does it mean to be someone of “faith”? It means that you believe and understand that you are not alone in your journey. It means that you know that you are not the master of your life, God is . And He has a plan for you that is bigger and better that one that you could ever come with. That why people of faith have confidence and peace in troubling times such as these. We know that  spring time will come again. We know that what looks dead now, will have a season of life once again.

There are better times coming because God has a plan for your life that doesn’t include death and destruction. It may look that way, but spring time is just around the corner for you. Trust in His promises and love for you. Trust in His faithfulness toward you. you won’t be disappointed.

Be blessed , happy spring time, GW

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