St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s has nothing to do with green beer and leprechauns. But of course, most of the people that you mix every day wouldn’t know that. Who was St Patrick anyway? With out going into all the details of his life ,he could be credited as the man who saved our civilization. I say that because he was the spiritual spark that brought Ireland to Christianity. And in the third century ,when the hordes of the north destroyed the rest of the civilized world . St Patrick and his monks retained and kept alive all the great works, writings,art,and spiritual truth of history. Then in the course of time, these same monks retrained and retaught a world that had been destroyed. ( Read “How the Irish saved the civilization.)

St Patrick was also a mystic, a miracle worker , a wonder worker,who even raised the dead.

I have been preaching the gospel for over 57 years. In that time I have personal been involved in thousands of physical healing’s,a multitude of  deliverance from evil spirits, a host of answers to prayer and more testimonies from others who experienced the same than I could ever remember. And yet with all this history I am shocked every day of how little that I really know about God and His power. Paul simply calls it ” the mystery of godliness.

In these days I have come to the decision that I will not let my mind, my imagination,my history ,my experience and my knowledge of the Bible limit my belief  and acceptance of what God can and will do in my life. Paul tells us that He is able to do ” far beyond what we can think or imagine.”Eph 3:20

Lets get acquainted with a bigger God, GW

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