Guilty or not guilty.

There are two doors that open in your soul when you fail, miss the mark or outright sin. #1 door is guilt . #2 door is regret. Both of these doors allow the enemy of our soul to torment us and stop our progress toward our destiny and purpose in the Kingdom of God. They are both distractions and as long as we are listening to them, we cannot hear the voice of our Heavenly Father. If we listen closely we will hear Him telling us that He loves us and forgives us

In order to have guilt and regret in your life you have to take your eyes off of the cross and off of His redemption plan and back on you. And to prove your really guilty you have bring things up out of your past . The problem with that is you don’t own those things anymore. remember that Christ paid for all of that and took them away. It is against God’s law to bring up them and use them against yourself. So cut it out! Repent, close the door. Shut the devil out of your life. And move on into  God’s fullness. 

Blessings, GW

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