Off To Uganda!

For the next 2 weeks  ,My son, Corbin and I will be ministering in Uganda. The first week we will be at Uganda Christian Outreach Bible School in Kampala . From there we will go to Embarara for 5 days ministering at a Pastors Covention. We are expecting the  Spirit of God to be Strong and faithful. We will be empacting 100’s of Pastors who in turn will carry the good Word of God to many parts of their nation. Pray for us as we go forth.

   The Spirit of the Lord has been reminding me of some importain truth this past month, as we have watching the political swing for pole to pole. I thought that I would pass some things on to  you.


First of all the word is to “Hold Steady—Don’t panic.”

It continues to be a mystery to me why we are so prone to forget the last lessons that we were suppose to have learned . How often dose God have to take us out of some dark spot in our history or rescue us from deep impending trouble before we learn anything. What we should have learned is that God is always faithful to fulfill His promises to His children. The difficulties that we face now has an answer and it’s found in God’s purposes for us. Pray for us as we travel.





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